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Myrtle Beach Dangerous and Defective Products Lawyer

Horry County Consumer Injury Attorney

If you have been injured because of your use of or exposure to a dangerous and defective product, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your rights. Demonstrating the cause of a defective product-related injury can be complicated. It may be a question of design, or it may have been poorly manufactured. The seller may have neglected to provide adequate warnings. You want an attorney who can identify all potentially responsible parties and help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

At the Chandler Law Firm, we have aggressively fought for the rights of personal injury victims in South Carolina for more than 16 years. We bring compassionate, yet hard-nosed counsel, to people who have been hurt because of another person's carelessness, including individuals injured by dangerous or defective products. We will listen carefully to the facts and circumstances of your case, so that we can put together the most effective arguments for full and fair compensation for all your losses. We will always do whatever is necessary to get the best possible result for you.

Our Product Liability Practice

We handle all types of defective product injury claims, including cases involving:

  • Motor vehicle defects, such as failed air bags, tires, seat belts and other restraints. We also handle product liability claims involving vehicle rollovers.
  • Consumer products, including electronics, furniture, tools and toys

It's Your Life.  I'm Your Lawyer.

When we take your defective product case, we will take the time to gather all evidence about how the product was conceived, designed, manufactured and distributed. We will carefully evaluate the evidence to identify all potentially liable parties and seek damages accordingly.

We have a network of expert witnesses we can work with, including engineers and product designers, as well as medical and financial authorities. We will bring in experts if necessary to prepare and present the most effective arguments for your financial recovery.

Contact Our Office

For a free initial consultation with an experienced Myrtle Beach dangerous and defective products attorney, contact our office by e-mail or call us at 843-448-HELP (4357) for an appointment. Home and hospital visits can be arranged upon request.

We handle all product liability claims on a contingency basis. You will only be charged lawyers' fees if we recover compensation for your injuries.

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