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CVSA’s roadcheck detects frequent HOS, brake violations

Truck, bus and other commercial vehicle drivers in South Carolina may remember the International Roadcheck that occurred in June. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds this three-day inspection spree once a year across North America in the effort to ensure driver and vehicle compliance with federal safety standards.

This year, personnel were able to conduct 67,502 roadside inspections, which is more than last year. One good thing is that despite the higher number of inspections, there were fewer out-of-service orders issued. Still, the numbers and the unsafe trends revealed in the data are alarming.

Just under 11,900 vehicles were issued out-of-service orders, of which 28.4 percent were for brake system violations, 19.1 percent were for tire and wheel violations and 16.3 were for brake adjustment non-compliance. With so many issues regarding brake safety compliance, it’s no wonder that the CVSA holds a brake inspection spree every year as well. This year’s Brake Safety Week takes place from September 16 to 22.

Approximately 2,660 drivers were put out of service. The most frequent violation was with regards to hours-of-service rules, accounting for 43.7 percent of out-of-service orders. The CVSA made HOS compliance the focus this year because of the ELD mandate that went into effect in late 2017. Drivers with the wrong class of license and drivers with false records of duty status figured prominently as well.

Violating federal safety standards is a form of negligence, and if it contributes to motor vehicle accidents, the other side could be eligible for compensation. Truck accident victims may want a lawyer to assist them with their claim. A network of third parties might come in to determine the extent of the injuries, which may be catastrophic in nature, and to gather proof against the defendant. The lawyer may then be able to negotiate for a fair settlement covering medical expenses, past and future lost income, pain and suffering and other losses.