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External airbags could reduce injuries during auto accidents

External airbags to lessen the severity of auto accidents in South Carolina and around the country have been a topic of discussion. In fact, recent data compiled by ZF has revealed these innovative external airbags have the potential to reduce vehicle occupant injuries by as much as 40 percent.

A number that significant could be a great indicator of the need to add these external airbags to every vehicle once all research and final details have been worked out. Currently, this new technology is designed to work by deploying on the side of the car seconds before a motor vehicle accident occurs and absorbing a great deal of the impact. Essentially, the airbag looks and functions like a giant pillow.

The greatest challenge so far with the external airbag is ensuring it deploys at the right time. To be effective, the airbag must be able to sense the impact of the accident and expand within milliseconds of the collision. The manufacturer believes it is possible to overcome these obstacles due to advances in automation of sensors and image mechanisms that would be more useful in the detection of an impending accident and the timely activation of the airbags. There is also work to do to determine the correct size necessary to be effective for certain vehicles. Obviously, larger airbags would be required for larger vehicles. Interestingly, the current design is much bigger than a steering wheel airbag but is capable of inflating in about the same amount of time.

For those who have been injured due to the carelessness of another driver in a motor vehicle accident, life can change in an instant. They may find themselves unable to work and pay their monthly obligations. Consulting an attorney experienced in personal injury could be the first step in reclaiming their lives and independence.