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Preventing falls while out and about

There are many common hazards that can lead to falls. For instance, someone could slip on an icy sidewalk or slick floor. An individual might also fall due to a bunched-up carpet or because a cord is sticking out. However, there are ways that South Carolina residents can avoid slipping, tripping or falling at home, the store or work.

It is important that those who are moving around keep an eye on their surroundings. By looking at a smartphone, reviewing a document or otherwise not keeping their head up, an individual increases their risk of slipping or tripping on something. This is because they might not see a wet floor sign or other debris in their path.

Those who do see liquid or an object on the floor should take steps to dry it or remove the object. If this is not possible, it’s important to alert someone who can mitigate the hazard in a timely manner. Regardless of the environment, it’s always a good idea to wear proper footwear. Ideally, the footwear will have significant tread and fit properly. This can improve comfort as well as help to increase the amount of traction on a carpet, floor or paved surface.

Individuals who are harmed while on another person’s property may wish to pursue a premises liability lawsuit. This could lead to compensation for medical bills and other costs related to a slip, trip or fall. Generally speaking, it’s more likely to obtain a favorable outcome if the property owner was negligent. Negligence may include failing to remove a hazard or warn others about it.