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Speed limiters could combat the rise in large truck deaths

Large truck crash deaths in the U.S. went up significantly between the years 2009 and 2017. In all, 35,882 people died in these collisions. At the same time, the eight-year period saw a decline in the number of miles driven by commercial truckers. South Carolina residents should know that some solutions to the increase are available.

Road Safe America is a highway safety non-profit organization that has analyzed data on large truck crashes. It found that most of the states that saw the greatest increase either in large truck crash deaths or in the percentage of such deaths have a 70 mph speed limit in place. This speed is unsafe for large trucks since they take longer to brake than ordinary cars.

The non-profit is therefore urging the use of speed limiters on commercial trucks. Advocates believe that a reasonable limit of 65 mph would make a significant difference. Speed limiters have been built on big rigs in America since the 1990s, and 80 percent of respondents to a national survey are in support of requiring these devices. The NHTSA and FMCSA even proposed a rule mandating them back in 2016, but it never gained traction.

Road Safe America additionally calls for automatic emergency braking. This can bring slow-moving or stationary objects to a driver’s attention and providing automatic braking when necessary.

Of course, vehicle safety technology cannot always keep truck drivers from getting into motor vehicle collisions. When trucker negligence leads to a crash, victims may be eligible for compensation. No matter the situation, it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer, especially since trucking companies have their own lawyers who will work hard to deny payment.