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Volvo Cars vows to help prevent drunk, distracted driving

By utilizing modern safety technology, Volvo Cars plans to help prevent drunk and distracted driving crashes in South Carolina and across the U.S. Future models from the automaker are expected to have in-car sensors and cameras that can monitor drivers. The innovative technology will allow vehicles to take any necessary actions to thwart motor vehicle accidents from taking place.

If a driver is inebriated or distracted, the sensor can slow down the car’s speed and park. Volvo Cars will start installing the sensors and in-car cameras in 2020. The automobile manufacturer’s recent announcement represents the company’s current effort to make vehicles safer. In March 2019, Volvo announced that it will soon start capping maximum speeds on new vehicles at 112 mph. The goal is to prevent motor vehicle accidents instead of merely limiting the impact of inevitable collisions.

Volvo claims that the in-car cameras will look for indications that a driver may cause an accident. For example, the new system will notice a driver who has their eyes closed or fails to steer the car for a lengthy period. The new technology will also notice whether a driver is not reacting quickly and if the vehicle is weaving back and forth into different lanes.

Motor vehicle accidents may cause serious injuries to the victims. Some injuries could prevent a victim from going back to work. However, a personal injury claim may help cover the damages caused by the at-fault party. An attorney could help a victim fight for a fair settlement.